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So last night I was like “Wait, there’s going to be a Tumblr convention? It’s in Schaumburg? It’s happening this weekend? I wonder how that’s going?”

What you mainly need to know about Dashcon is that it’s based around the Superwholock/Night Vale/Homestuck side of Tumblr, and it frantically…

This. So very this. Never forget. NEVER FORGIVE.

Many this!
Plus knowledge!

"With 2.5 to four barrels of water consumed for each barrel of bitumen produced, and millions of litres of poison leaking daily into the Athabasca watershed, the tar sands are sacrificing water for petroleum. Now, petroleum is used to haul water from unpolluted sources."


Kill la Kill contains many elements from the classic 80s series Sukeban Deka

  • Yesterday I observed multiple hives of screaming "fans" diving onto creators they "love."
  • This morning I received an email about the dangerous nature of some fan swarms and how as creators we need to not encourage them. I appreciated the email but also have something to say to the fans.
  • As a bystander, behind glass walls in some cases, I was both disturbed and elated. Why?
  • Disturbed because the very "fans" who wanted to snap selfies of themselves shoved into the faces of creators are the reasons for bodyguards. Teams of bodyguards have to follow people around this amazing conference almost everywhere they want to go to protect them from "fans" who "love" them?
  • I'm elated because my fans, fans of Sexplanations and sex curiosity have proved yourselves incredibly respectful and LOVING. I'm never interrupted in conversation. They wait to the side for me to finish what I'm doing and say hello or thank you and then ask politely for a signature or a picture. They never make me feel afraid or sad. I don't have to hold my ears to the screams.
  • There are obvious differences between me and Hannah Hart: content, humor, stats, and on and on. I can list a raft of reasons to admire Hannah. My hope is that the only difference between my audience and hers is size.
  • Passion and love and adoration and most importantly respect can be the same. Shown the same. Not hurting anyone: creators, observers, or VidCon.
  • Thank you to all the people who have been respectful and safe at VidCon.


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Canada’s rainbow money

Fun fact for Americans: our money is technically made of plastic and they won’t get wet/gross when you accidentally wash them, and you also can’t rip any bills.

Everybody is in love with canadian money, the thing is who isn’t? 

The funniest thing ever is to see canadians try to use american money. One of my friends asked me “HOW DO YOU GUYS KNOW WHICH ONE IS WHICH?! THEY’RE ALL THE SAME COLOR!”

its called reading the numbers

americans learn at an early age to differentiate between the faces of old white men

Why is the queen of England on Canadian money?

Because England basically raised Canada until we were old enough to make our own decisions.

America left home super early

and made bad life choices as a result.

World history brought to you by rainbow money



As a retail worker who deals with this money every time she has a shift, here are a couple of useful tips for using our plastic bills.

1. They tend to stick together. Our paper bills you can flip through and hand over without worry of paying way too much. With our plastic bills, you do have to worry, and double-check that you’re not handing over 2 $20 bills instead of just 1. The quickest way to figure this out is to try to flip through the bill at the transparent part, holding it between your index finger and your thumb

2. Since they are plastic, they can melt with heat and crack with cold. I’ve heard so many stories of this happening. Also it’s honestly so stupid that our own dang money can crack with our long, really fuckin’ cold winters. You’d figure someone would have thought of this. So it’s best to keep your bills in a place that won’t heat up too much in the summer, and is well protected from the cold in winter.

3. Yes, they do smell like maple syrup, especially the newer bills.

1. The claim about sticking is [mostly] true. It’s mostly with fresh bills, but tends to be less present after the bill has been in circulation more than a year. They do not stick together enough for someone to accidentally hand over more than a single bill, however. You can tell from the thickness alone.

2. They do not melt easily, nor do they crack with cold. In fact, you’d have to store the bill in -35c before it would become brittle enough to be damageable. There is a photo of a “broken” bill, but it looks suspiciously like it was cut with scissors instead. For heat, you’d need to apply a blowtorch. They don’t catch on fire easily. If you’re storing your money in freezers or applying a blowtorch to them, you’re doing it wrong.

3. No, they don’t. Debunked over and over and over.

Buncha nonsense.

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"I never really understood the length of a second until I became an editor. It’s amazing how much difference 1/24th of a second can make at times."
— Nick Jenkins, pensive editor of Crash Course and Sexplanations (via tumblingdoe)

Yep. Now think 15 frames…

Well shit, this is going to hurt a craptons of sites.