Well shit, this is going to hurt a craptons of sites.

Pour vous, Québec Solidaire, pour votre 3e siège possible.

  1. Camera: LGE Nexus 4
  2. Aperture: f/2.65
  3. Exposure: 1/20th
  4. Focal Length: 4mm
No short hair but it’s nice.

No short hair but it’s nice.

Creepy smile is creepy.
I hate you +Mark P. Tjan, I watched more Anime in the last 5 hours than in the last 3 years (I’m excluding QA for G-Anime here).

I think he’s canadian.
(from Fresh of the Boat, Season 2)

Very accurate today. Let’s wait for April, for the third winter.

Now I really think that the beliefs of +Eric Archambault that Ingress is real are true.
#Recursion - AUSTIN - Measurement 2 Report

By securing more Volatiles and XM Vaults, the Enlightened now push ahead of the Resistance in Austin. However, the Resistance continue to hold their ground in Mexico City and St. Louis.

Additionally, sightings of an  #NL1331  XM Collection Vehicle are being reported by Agents in Austin. If you have any information about the whereabouts of  #NL1331  share your photos publicly and Niantic Labs Operatives will be in touch.

The Resistance owned 2 Volatile Portals and 7 Non-Volatile Portals
The Enlightened owned 3 Volatile Portals and 6 Non-Volatile Portals

The Enlightened had 1 Link standing at Measurement Time

The Resistance captured 1 Doritos XM Vaults
The Enlightened captured 2 Doritos XM Vaults

Total for Resistance this Measurement = 84
Total for Enlightened this Measurement = 137

Total for Resistance this Anomaly = 254
Total for Enlightened this Anomaly = 281

Portal Ownership Details:
O. Henry (VOLATILE) - Enlightened
Rhambo Building (VOLATILE) - Enlightened
Los Muertos Mural (VOLATILE) - Enlightened
Randerson-Lundell Building (VOLATILE) - Resistance
Vibrancy (VOLATILE) - Resistance
O. Henry Museum - Enlightened
Paggi Carriage Shop - Enlightened
Gas Pipe Mural - Enlightened
Austin Fire Museum/Headquarters - Enlightened
Old School Bar Art - Enlightened
Cotton Exchange Building Plaque - Enlightened
J. L. Buaas Building 1875 - Neutral
Zipcar-490 Congress Street - Neutral
Joseph And Susanna Dickinson H - Neutral
Reserved Parking Murals - Neutral
Brush Square - Neutral
Quast Building - Neutral
Cactus Theater - Neutral
Love Mural - Neutral
Risher - Nicholas Building (1873) - Neutral
Light Art - Neutral
Here Lived O. Henry - Neutral
The Old Pecan St. Cafe  - Neutral
Hotel Provident and Heierman B - Neutral
Casino El Camino Aztec Fountain - Neutral
John Nance Garner Star - Neutral
Ovela Culp Hobby Star - Neutral
Brazos Hall - Neutral
Mexic-Arte Museum - Neutral
Southwestern Telegraph & Telephone Company - Neutral
The Stage on Sixth - Neutral
Frost Bank Austin - Neutral
Blind Pig Mural - Neutral
McKean Eilers Building - Neutral
Original Paggi Blacksmith Shop - Neutral
Nalle Building - Neutral
Capital Metro Downtown Station - Neutral
Esther’s Follies - Neutral
Carmelo’s - Resistance
Hilton Flowing Fountain - Resistance
Blenders and Bowls - Resistance
Sam Houston Star - Resistance
Dandy’s - Resistance
Eddie V’s Edgewater Grille - Resistance
The Onion - Resistance
XM Vault: Cheer Up Charlies - Enlightened
XM Vault: Empire Control Room - Enlightened
XM Vault: MugShots - Resistance

#Recursion - MEXICO CITY - Measurement 2 Report

The Resistance owned 2 Volatile Portals and 20 Non-Volatile Portals
The Enlightened owned 3 Volatile Portals and 0 Non-Volatile Portals

The Resistance had 2 Links standing at Measurement Time

Total for Resistance this Measurement = 44
Total for Enlightened this Measurement = 30

Total for Resistance this Anomaly = 94
Total for Enlightened this Anomaly = 38

Portal Ownership Details:
Señorial Palacio de Bellas Art (VOLATILE) - Enlightened
Man and a Horse (VOLATILE) - Enlightened
Iglesia de San Francisco (VOLATILE) - Enlightened
Araña Gigante (VOLATILE) - Resistance
Copa (VOLATILE) - Resistance
Monumento a Francisco I Madero - Neutral
Fuente Fco. I. Madero - Neutral
Museo del Telégrafo - Neutral
Museo de Marina - Neutral
Palacio De Cultura  - Neutral
Monumento a Beethoven - Neutral
Palacio de Bellas Artes, Méxic - Neutral
Caballito, Palacio de Bellas A - Neutral
Plaza Manuel Tolsá nocturna -  - Neutral
BoteroLatino - Neutral
Plaza Sebastian Lerdo de Tejada - Neutral
La Biblia, Faro Y Guía De La Humanidad - Neutral
Palacio Postal, Centro, México - Resistance
Teatro Lirico - Resistance
Palacio de Bellas Artes, Méxic - Resistance
Camara de Diputados - Resistance
Fuente Alameda Central - Resistance
Palacio de Bellas Artes, Méxic - Resistance
Puerta Convento - Resistance
Placa High Life - Resistance
Real Hospital del Divino Salvador - Resistance
Correos de México Nocturno - Resistance
Plaza Manuel Tolsá - El Caball - Resistance
Casa De Los Azulejos - Resistance
Museo Interactivo De Economía - Resistance
Club De Periodistas  - Resistance
Izcoatl Museo del Ejército - Resistance
Biblioteca Del Congreso - Resistance
Fuente De Republica De Cuba - Resistance
Plaza Manuel Tolsá nocturna -  - Resistance
Guimard - Resistance
Iglesia Metodista - Resistance

#Recursion - ST. LOUIS - Measurement 2 Report

The Resistance owned 0 Volatile Portals and 17 Non-Volatile Portals
The Enlightened owned 4 Volatile Portals and 5 Non-Volatile Portals

A Resistance Field covered all the Portals in this Cluster (50)

Total for Resistance this Measurement = 67
Total for Enlightened this Measurement = 45

Total for Resistance this Anomaly = 110
Total for Enlightened this Anomaly = 67

Measurement Time Details:
Original: 2:19 (Minutes:Seconds past the hour)
Padded: dIkLzClMAiWESWBhQ 2:19 dEHFyTcKznySr
MD5 of Padded String: cbbfbc38ea04cca30d193f0bf8b9c6ed

Portal Ownership Details:
Alexander Humboldt statue (VOLATILE) - Enlightened
TGP Deer Sculpture West  (VOLATILE) - Enlightened
Lily Ponds (VOLATILE) - Enlightened
Shakespeare Statue (VOLATILE) - Enlightened
TGP: Music Stand (VOLATILE) - Neutral
Works of God Bench - Enlightened
Drozda Bench - Enlightened
Turkish Pavilion - Enlightened
Lily Pond Shelter - Enlightened
TGP: Cypress North Shelter 1871 - Enlightened
TGP: Humboldt South Pavilion 1 - Neutral
TGP: Carl’s Bench - Neutral
Piper Palm House - Neutral
TGP: Old Carriage Shelter 1873 - Neutral
Garden Vase - Neutral
Suelflow Vase - Neutral
Claudia’s Grove - Neutral
Gregory III Bench - Neutral
Tower Grove Sentinel - Neutral
Verdi Head  - Neutral
Simpson Bench - Resistance
Beethoven Head - Resistance
TGP Deer Sculpture East - Resistance
Woodland Pool  - Resistance
TGP: Historic North Gate - Resistance
TG. Baptist Church - Resistance
Karel Bench - Resistance
Tower Grove Fountain Pond - Resistance
Baron Von Steuben - Resistance
Gamble Bench - Resistance
TGP: Humboldt North Shelter 1871 - Resistance
Mozart Head - Resistance
Walker Bench - Resistance
Trees in Memory of Glasberg Family - Resistance
Mary Prow-Openlander Memorial - Resistance
Cypress South Shelter - Resistance
Albers Vase - Resistance

#Recursion     #UnlockBold   

Mathieu Charron (http://goo.gl/LAfsLL) via Ingress (http://goo.gl/M34UQa)

Make motion graphic they says, it’s fun they says…

Yes, I’ll make something, because it makes me a better person, but FUCK…

Well, Closest is PLQ but barely.